Our team

Our friendly and professional team at LRDG is dedicated to our learners and always looking for ways to enrich their learning experiences. We care about every one of their language learning needs and are dedicated to helping them achieve results. Our team is always growing with professionals who believe in our core mission of helping learners achieve their goals.

Julius Frohlich


Ginette Deininger

VP, Business Development & IT Strategy

Lei Teng

Director of Finance & Accounting

Rachel Jia

Accounting Assistant

Lorger Geronimo

Director of Operations

Nicola Daquila

Senior Client Support Representative

Junavel Derige

Client Support Representative

Yasmine Aitouche

WebEX Customer Experience Representative

Oleg Khrinyk

QA Specialist

Daniela Andrea Charry

Customer Experience Representative

Elana Kohn

Pedagogical Assistant Director

Isabelle Normand

Pedagogical Director

Cathy Fragman

Full-Time Language Training Coordinator

Adeline Rochat

Part-Time Language Training Coordinator

Rashmi Siva

Administrative Assistant

Juan García

Marketing Manager

Melissa Goyer

Marketing Agent

Emmanuelle Dorion

FSL Content Technician

Malaika Aleba

ESL Content Technician

Charlie Simard-Duguay

Business Development, Government Market

Taylor Welch

Business Development, Governement Market

Dinky Castro

LATAM and Canada Business Development

Our tutors

We have over 150 certified French and English language tutors who are highly qualified and experienced.