Why our
program works

A complete system

Self Study: Practice exercises to master your language goals.

LRDG provides thousands of hours of curriculum content including interactive video, audio, and visual material.

Tutor support: Personal training focused on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Learning a new language is a time-consuming endeavor that requires regular practice and support. Our tutor support is invaluable as it helps learners ensure they are getting the practical application hours they need to retain and build their skills.

The Portal: All your course metrics in one convenient place.

The LRDG Portal provides real-time reporting of results and learner progress. Accessible 24/7, the Portal allows access to course materials and reporting on your schedule.

Service and Support: A support team that cares about your results.

For our team, great customer service is about adapting to our learners’ individual needs. We provide convenient customer support and a variety of demonstration tutorials to help you navigate through our learning program.