“Mon Chou” and other Tasty Idioms

“Mon Chou” and other Tasty Idioms
With the cold weather upon us, you may find yourself looking forward to the holidays and all of the good food that it brings. To celebrate all-things food and language, we’ve come up with a list of food idioms in both French and English:

Food Idioms in French:

1- Raconter des salades: To tell elaborate lies

2- Occupe-toi de tes oignons : Mind your own business

3- Mettre du beurre dans les épinards : To earn a little bit extra

4- Grosse légume : a big shot; someone who thinks they are very important

5- Mon chou: My sweetie; a term of endearment

Food Idioms in English :

1- A piece of cake: something that’s easily achieved

2- It’s no use crying over spilled milk: It’s useless to cry over something which has already happened

3- To bring home the bacon: To provide material support and/or achieve success.

4- Not one’s cup of tea: Not what someone like or is interested in

5- To take with a pinch of salt: Don’t completely believe what you are told.

Let us know if you have any favourite food idioms! Comment below.
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Keep warm and happy feasting!