Is AI Changing How We Write?

Is AI Changing How We Write?

When you read a sports’ or financial article, you probably assume that a journalist wrote it; but increasingly, these kinds of articles are being outsourced…to robots — AI, to be specific.

Yes, that’s right — large news’ corporations are using artificial intelligence to quickly generate articles. While AI is mostly writing the kinds of articles requiring the regurgitation of data, who knows where the future will take us? In the meantime, AI is changing the way the average person writes. Today, we’ll give you three examples of how.

What exactly is AI?

AI describes computer systems able to perform tasks (such as visual perception, speech recognition,  writing, and decision-making) usually requiring human intelligence. Like us, AI is able to learn, adapt, and grow; so it is only getting better with time. Whether this is a good thing or not has yet to be determined; but we can’t deny that AI is changing how we relate to our every day writing tasks.

Here are three examples of how AI is changing the way the average person writes:

  1. Suggesting email responses: Most of us receive far too many emails. It’s hard to find the time to respond to everyone. Luckily AI is getting better at suggesting responses to help save us time.
  2. Translating: Google Translate used to translate each individual word, without the context provided by a sentence or paragraph. This of course led to a lot of mistakes. In 2016, Google introduced AI to its translation system. This intelligent technology has been quickly learning to see words in context — translating whole sentences and phrases. Because AI has the ability to learn, Google Translate will only get better and better with time.
  3. Helping ESL learners write: Good news for all of you ESL learners — various AI programs can help you spot typos, grammar mistakes, and syntax errors. Of course, an editor is necessary for high-quality substantive editing, but for the average ESL learner trying to craft an error-free email, AI is helpful.

Are you excited or scared about the future of writing with AI? Let us know!

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