How to Complain About Winter : Phrases and Expressions to Describe the Cold

How to Complain About Winter : Phrases and Expressions to Describe the Cold

Will Winter Ever End?

Do you find the months of January and February difficult? If you live in Canada, chances are that you do. Why? The answer is, winter.  In these first few months of the new year, the season of freezing has been here for a while and we still have a couple months of it left. It feels never-ending. We’re sharing 5 cold-weather phrases to help you complain about the cold, the snow, and the frozen feeling in your soul.

Cold Phrases

1. To catch one’s death:

To catch one’s death is to get severely cold. E.g. “Please don’t go outside right now. You’ll catch your death!”

2. A cold snap:

A cold snap is a sudden period of cold weather. E.g. “Last week it started to warm up and I thought winter was over, but unfortunately now we’re having a cold snap.”

3. The dead of winter:

The dead of the winter is the coldest part of the season. E.g. “We’re in the dead of winter, so after being outside for five minutes I can no longer feel my toes.”

4. To be snowed in:

If you’re snowed in, you’re unable to leave wherever you are because you are trapped by the snow. E.g. “I’m sorry. I can’t come in to work today because I’m snowed in! I can’t even open my front door!”

5. A blanket of snow:

A blanket of snow is a fresh, new covering of snow. E.g. “The town was blanketed in snow.”

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