Why Us ?

LRDG offers a complete training solution for government, education and corporate sectors. Our approach takes into consideration each learner’s needs, from their learning environment and preferences to selecting a tutor who can adapt to their schedule and learning style. Our programs are effective which is why we are trusted and highly recommended by the Canadian federal government.

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With LRDG, businesses get

  • Flexible, cost-effective language solution
  • Great ROI
  • Comprehensive result tracking and reporting
  • Increased productivity and efficiency (clients can do more with fewer resources)
  • Continuous support throughout the program
  • Easy to implement language programs
  • Employees reach proficiency levels faster than traditional training

With LRDG, learners get

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Unlimited access to quality pedagogical content covering levels A to C
  • Ongoing tutor support for motivation and coaching
  • Access to online progress reports and tutor feedback
  • Faster language acquisition than traditional training
  • Progress tracking Portal available 24/7
  • Preliminary placement test to determine starting level


The LMS-based program is meant to be used as a strategic tool to help self-study students maximize their results by providing an adaptive, fully monitored curriculum in conjunction with the full A, B and C levels offered with the DVD curriculum. The online program maximizes self-study time and provides tutor support when and where needed to optimize results for the learner. The benefit for learners is an Internet-based, personalized, and adapted learning system that is unique to their style and knowledge. The added value for our business clients is the comprehensive reporting system that provides real-time tracking of learner activity and progress. Clients can use additional tutor time as and when required to achieve specific objectives thus making the overall cost of learning as low as possible. The LRDG online solutions are fully compliant with WEB 2.0 specifications, an important factor in maximizing the usability and effectiveness of e-learning systems.

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