LRDG’s methodology: a proven formula that ensures results

The graph below summarizes LRDG’s methodology. Hover over the different parts of the graph to see its description.


Our blended methodology was developed by the industry most qualified pedagogical and technological advisors resulting in effective, accelerated language acquisition at a lower cost. When your learners begin the training process with us, they will be in good hands and actively managed on their path to success.

LRDG’s methodology consists of 3 strategic components:

Comprehensive, quality content for effective learning

LRDG’s self-study training is based on structured DVD-based  and online content, enabling students to learn anywhere, anytime. Both our DVD and online software programs offer rich pedagogical content and allow learners to study from the comfort of their home, at the office or on the go.

The software programs Pour l’amour du français and For the love of English consist of 15 modules covering the entire language spectrum from beginner to advanced levels (A-B-C of the Canadian Federal Government). Our online software program follows the same pedagogical excellence  as the DVD software and features exclusive interactive content, including games and quizzes to help reinforce language acquisition. The online software is the newest addition to our language training solutions and was specifically designed in line with today’s Web-2 technology trends and need for a highly user-friendly, cost-effective and flexible solution.

Our software programs are in full compliance with the Government of Canada’s language proficiency levels.
A level: modules 1-8 | B level: modules 7-12 | C level: modules 11-15


  • DVD Software
  • 15 modules of rich content representing all levels of French and English proficiency.
  • Interactive, engaging content including video, dialogue and exercises.
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • End-of-module testing evaluating the learner’s progress
  • No need for Internet connection
  • Online Software
  • 15 modules of engaging, interactive content including video,dialogue and exercises.
  • Based on our quality pedagogical DVD software content
  • Perfect for people on the go
  • End-of-module testing evaluating the learner’s progress
  • Advanced tracking and reporting capabilities

Our tutors – more than teachers.

LRDG’s tutors are linguistic experts who are carefully selected to provide personalized support to learners. They not only bring a human approach to the language acquisition process but also empower learners to develop and maintain their oral skills. Learning a new language requires not only time; regular and timely practice is the essential ingredient to retention and excellence in communication. This is where our valuable expert tutors bring the learning experience to a whole new dimension.

The tutor’s main role is to motivate and guide the student throughout the entire learning process by providing personalized coaching, oral interaction and progress reporting.  This enables the learners to put into practice software-based acquired knowledge and greatly improve their confidence and oral skills. The tutor evaluates the learners’ progress continuously and adapts the content to better reflect their strengths and weaknesses.

LRDG tutor

Measure and track learners’ progress.

The LRDG Portal is an automated online reporting tool that simplifies the collection, management and reporting of information in a transparent manner. The Portal is used by students, client managers and tutors and gives a comprehensive analysis of learning activities and progress. The Portal allows students to access and review their progress reports, to schedule lessons and to communicate with their tutor and account manager. Some of the Portal’s main functions include automated client reports, statistics, student registration, lesson booking and billing information.

The LRDG Portal allows administrators to:

  • Track their budget
  • Manage and monitor learners in real-time
  • Track progress of individual employees
  • Get reports on employees’ performance
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface and 24/7 accessibility

Trust our experienced account managers.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager who makes sure that learners receive all the necessary support throughout their language learning journey. Our account managers are multilingual professionals who act as an active intermediate between customers and learners and maintain strong relationships with both parties to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Some of their support functions include:

  • Monitor learners’ progress in order to maximize program usage and student gains in literacy.
  • Track user activity and report financial results using LRDG’s online Portal.
  • Motivate learners and follow-up with them on a regular basis.
  • Provide daily technical support to learners using with LRDG’s software programs and Portal.
  • Coordinate learners and LRDG tutors’ calendars to maximize productivity.
  • Report problems and provide feedback to language coordinators.
  • Identify and address customer needs and expectations.