Online Language Assessments

ELAS Test (English Language Assessment System)

LRDG, in partnership with the International Language School of Canada (ILSC), has completed a major development effort and now offers one of the most advanced online language assessment systems to a global market. This synergistic partnership brought together the recognized skills of both companies and created an innovative assessment system with major benefits for users.

Key elements of the system

  • Consistency with Canadian Language benchmark and European standards
  • Ability to test for any combination of competencies including oral communications
  • Randomized bank of questions
  • Flexible, user-friendly dashboard
  • Detailed reporting of students’ results

The advanced and user-friendly functions provided by the unique Dashboard, allow administrators and learning coordinators to evaluate one or more candidates simultaneously and manage all the data collected through a single interface, which is available online to users, managers, human resource coordinators and pedagogues. They can access the results and data from the evaluations remotely and respond accordingly.

This highly flexible solution not only allows administrators to have a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate but also to automate the design and creation of customized training plans to motivate users and learners to excel. These tools can be readily adapted to HR requirements to facilitate and optimize the recruitment process and ongoing training and promotions based on pre-required skills and profiles. Our assessment and evaluation platform meets the highest standards and requirements for security, privacy and data integrity. The ELAS test evaluates all four language proficiency competencies: Grammar, Reading, Oral skills (Listening and Speaking), and Writing.

Personalized tests

LRDG has been commissioned by a number of major organizations to create specialized training or testing systems. This experience has positioned LRDG to provide personalized training and testing to meet any requirement in ESL or FSL training with cost-effective, personalized solutions. Some examples are: CMHC ESL and FSL practice tests, Transport Canada cyclical program including 500 pages of training and testing procedures available at no charge to all Canadian government departments, St. Mary’s Hospital testing system, the creation of Chinese-English modules and many others.

For more information about our online solutions, please get in touch with us.