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At LRDG, we continuously bring innovative and cost-effective learning solutions to our customers. We have developed an online interactive learning platform, thus maximizing user experience and engagement as well as return on your language training investment. Discover our Pour l’amour du français online and For the love of English en ligne language training programs.

Our FSL and ESL programs are based on the government of Canada language proficiency levels: Beginner (A level), Intermediate (B level) and Advanced (C level). Each level has its associated set of modules and includes material from our quality DVD software-based program. Now everyone in your organization can learn French and English, whenever and wherever they want.


Anywhere, anytime learning

Learners can log in anytime, anywhere to begin their language learning journey. This flexibility allows them to learn at their own pace and review module sections when needed, thus increasing knowledge retention. Learners can also check their progress and book their tutoring sessions based on their availabilities.

Personalized, adapted learning

The online FSL and ESL programs were designed to maximize student engagement by providing an interactive learning environment. The learning content is delivered in an effective, structured way and activities are adapted to the learner’s level, thus maximizing progress rates.

Progress reporting

Fully automated real-time monitoring and tracking of all learners’ activity via our online Portal. The Portal is available 24/7 to all parties involved. Generate quantitative reports on your learners’ progress and measure their success!


Focused tutor support

By tracking learners’ progress, tutors can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide personalized coaching where needed. Since tutor assistance focuses mainly on weaker areas, learners are able to improve their language skills faster, bringing overall language costs down. 

Rich pedagogical content

The online program consists of 15 modules of engaging, interactive content. Each module is delivered in an optimized way and its content becomes more difficult as learners progress. Our rigorous pedagogical curriculum was developed in full compliance with the Government of Canada A, B and C proficiency levels.

Cost-effective, flexible solution

For public sector staff, communicating effectively in both official languages is key. LRDG’s online language programs offer great flexibility and help your employees achieve successfully their business goals. Our unique blended methodology guarantees results as well as a great return on your language training investment.
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