New 3-day SLE theory course

LRDG is introducing a new 3-day training course on preparing for the Public Service Commission of Canada’s Test of Oral Proficiency in the Second Language for levels B and C.

This course is designed to familiarize participants with the second language Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP). It includes a presentation on how the test is customarily administered, along with an overview of some useful communication strategies and practical exercises on second-language comprehension, expression and interaction.

Course overview
The focus of the initial 2 days is on presenting in succession each of the 4 major parts of the test. During this time, theoretical and practical exercises allow participants to develop a maximum level of comfort with each part of the test. During the 3rd and final day, a series of activities help learners practice all four language competencies in turn, as they might experience during the actual PSC test.

Who can benefit from this course?
• Employees enrolled in a program of language training for levels B or C who want to prepare for the test
• Employees affected by workforce adjustment
• Employees whose tests have expired or will expire soon