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Every module of our software programs (Pour l’amour du français and For the love of English, DVD and online) is comprised of 7 sections and is designed in a pedagogical manner allowing the student to work on all aspects of language competency. Each module has the same structure, architecture and look and feel, presenting different learning objectives and associated content and becoming progressively more complex from beginner to advanced levels. The total curriculum for each official language is about 1,000 hours including audio, video and grammar activities.

Module sections

  • Linguistic Objectives: Real-life communication objectives that can be social, business or both.
  • What’s New: Introduction of new grammar and vocabulary that needs to be acquired.
  • Dialogue: Audio/video component with increasing level of difficulty ranging from 4-5 minutes for module 1 and up to 40-45 minutes for C level modules. In this section, the learner will develop and perfect his listening and comprehension skills.
  • Let’s Go: This is where the student will work on new grammar points. The section consists of various exercises comprising multiple questions allowing the student to review all linguistic elements.
  • Check-up: Automated check-up that verifies student’s acquisition of the linguistic objectives of the module.
  • Help: Instructions to help learners navigate easily through the module.
  • References: An integrated grammar book, glossary, conjugation book, idioms and an extensive pronunciation section. The references section eliminates the need for learners to purchase and carry with them various different reference books needed to support language acquisition. Each section allows the learner to quickly identify weak areas and to focus effectively on improving in that area. The tutor may also direct the student to focus on particular sections as part of their pedagogical oversight.

Module content

LRDG’s software is delivered in 15 modules, which are mapped into the Government of Canada A, B and C linguistic levels. Click on the links below to view the pedagogical content for each module.

Modules content: Self-study Language Program

Modules content: Language Program with Tutor Support

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