Our French as a Second Language & English as a Second Language Programs

With more than 10 years of experience in language training, we understand our customers’ unique needs and provide training programs that meet those needs. Our main solutions are described below, please contact us to learn more about our complete range of language training solutions.

Full-time training program
Part-time training program
Linguistic maintenance program
SLE preparation course
3-day SLE theory course
Lunch & Learn sessions
TEFAQ Preparation Course


LRDG offers 2 proprietary language training programs for the effective acquisition of French and English as a second language: Pour l’amour du français French training program and For the love of English English training program. Both offer a complete, multi-media curriculum designed for learners who want or need to master the French or English language. Each e-learning program is granular and delivered in 15 separate modules, which are mapped into the Government of Canada A, B and C linguistic levels. In other words, we teach exactly what your employees need to learn to succeed in their jobs.

Our unique proprietary methodology is based on a hybrid (blended) approach that combines self-study learning and live tutor-led sessions. This method allows organizations to reap the benefits of technology advancements while retaining the human element that is essential for optimized learning results.

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With our complete solution, businesses get

  • Access to both online and DVD FSL/ESL software training programs
  • 15 modules of content representing beginner to advanced levels of French and English proficiency
  • 1000 hours of self-study including meaningful and fun videos and dialogues
  • Access to LRDG’s Portal, an online management and reporting system
  • Access to progress reports
  • Ongoing tutor support as needed, including documented feedback
  • End of module testing evaluating the student’s progress
  • Easy program implementation and administration