Our quality ESL & FSL DVD programs
are now available to everyone.



The Canadian Government and many companies trust us for their language training needs


How It Works?


Placement Test The next step is to determine your level in the chosen language. We use the same placement test as that currently in use by the Government of Canada. It’s efficient and accurate.


Download Then you get access to one of the 15 modules of our program that correspond to your current level. Starting a language training course adapted to your level has never been easier.


To go further So you’ve finished the module? Congratulations! Expand on your learning with our online modules, plus access to our vibrant Community and tutoring, a coach just for you to help you go further.



“The LRDG program has taken be further than any other program. I am able to communicate in a basic way (but in sentences) where before I could not communicate more than a word here and there (no basic sentences).”

Jason G.

“I had a very positive learning experience. The content was engaging and relevant. Today I choose the LRDG program for my team.”

Heloise N.

“The program is well laid out and very interesting. When I took French in school the emphasis was always on grammar with no opportunity to learn how to speak properly. This program does both.”

Kevin D.


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