I am an employer / coordinator

What language programs do you offer?
What is your learning methodology?
Do you have an online program?
Who are your customers?


I am a learner

What is blended language training?
Do your products function with Macintosh?
How much time does it take to complete a module?
How many modules are available?
Is it possible to have tutoring sessions in the evening or on the weekend?
Do you offer products for learning languages other than English and French?
What formal qualifications do your teachers hold?
Will I be able to choose my own tutoring session times?
Will I be able to determine the duration of my sessions?
Do the modules allow me to study pronunciation?
If I've already studied English or French, how will I know at what level/module I'm at?
What is the necessary minimal configuration?
Are grammar-pronunciation-listening exercises provided?
How long does each module take to complete?