In collaboration with our technology partner iSpeaky and its dedicated team, LRDG offers data creation and content conversion. Comprised of techno-pedagogues, developers and multimedia specialists, the team drives the conversion of your learning resources into formats and modules suitable for online training such as: animation, audio, graphics, illustrations and videos. This data can then be packaged into a product or interactive course and integrated into your web strategy or learning platform.


Organizations with pedagogues and educational resources wishing to offer online training have 2 options:

  1. Convert and repackage their learning resources on paper or digital format into a newer, more flexible format that will allow them to customize it.
  2. Convert existing data into a SCORM standard.

In other words, we can transform your content into digital formats that can communicate with and be used in a variety of platforms available online or offline. A new solution to managing and optimizing your learning content is to fragment and transform each learning object by clearly separating presentation from the content so customization can be achieved more easily. These learning objects are then recombined so they can be reused in a variety of different contexts and learning platforms, which protect significant investments already, made and extends the life cycle of those important investments.

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