LRDG launches a new TEFAQ preparation program

This course is an accelerated training program designed to perfect learners’ English capabilities before taking the TEFaQ test.

The TEFaQ test is recognized by Quebec and Canadian immigration law. The course can be provided on site or remotely via various teleconference or web-based approaches.

To see all the details, visit our program section.

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We have opened a new branch!

Now you can also find us in Downtown Ottawa.
251 Laurier Ave West, Suite 900, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J6.

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Buddy System

What is it?

The Buddy System is a new feature on the LRDG Portal. It pairs learners of similar interests and work backgrounds and recommends them to other learners with the same goal in mind – improving their official target language!
Learners can browse suggested profiles and send Buddy requests. Once connected, learners can chat at their leisure over video, audio, or text and develop their language skills, whether or not they have access to tutor support.

How does it work?

The “Buddy System” is based on open-source WebRTC protocol. This technology allows us to deliver high resolution voice calling, video chat, and text chat directly through your browser without any external plugins!

What next?

Create a unique Buddy System profile through your LRDG Portal account, find and friend some […]

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LRDG free DVD offer now available!

Our quality English Second Language & French Second Language DVD programs are now available to everyone, for free.

Originally developed according to the highest quality standards set by the Government of Canada, our exclusive program relies on proven methodology. By making it free and accessible to all, LRDG demonstrates once again its desire to promote and facilitate the learning of a new language.

Download your module now:

How does it works? 3 simple steps!

Placement Test The next step is to determine your level in the chosen language. We use the same placement test as that currently in use by the Government of Canada. It’s efficient and accurate.
Download Then you get access to one of the 15 modules of our program that correspond to your current level. […]

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LRDG at the Gala Accroche-coeur

Last Thursday, June 12 LRDG assisted at the Gala Accroche-coeur. What a wonderful and fun evening organized to help Quebec youth reach their potential and stay in school!  Thank you to all the organizers and comedians for all the incredibly funny and entertaining moments. We will see you for sure next year!

For more information on the Fondation Québec jeunes, you can visit:


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LRDG Unveils New Company Logo

Language Research Development Group, a leading provider of computer-based language training solutions to the Canadian government, unveiled its new logo. The logo represents the 3 pillars of the company’s unique learning methodology: self-study, tutor support and coaching and reporting system. The company has recently completed a major website enhancement so the new logo implementation is an important addition to the ongoing rebranding efforts.

‘’We have achieved excellent growth over the past 10 years. Our newly refreshed corporate logo is a reminder to ourselves and our clients of the need to stay modern and innovative and to continue to enhance our highly-advanced language training solutions’’, said Julius Frohlich, LRDG’ President. ‘’We’ve kept some elements to reflect our past achievements but we emphasized our forward-thinking mindset to achieve […]

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Launch of the new LRDG Portal

After months of hard work, dedication and testing, we are proud to announce the launch of our improved online Portal. The upgraded Portal now has a new look as well as a series of new features to enhance customer experience and learners’ engagement. The new launch is part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with performing and easy-to-use solutions to meet their evolving needs.

The following key benefits were realized throughout the Portal enhancement project:

The new Portal is freshly organized and provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, an appealing design and exciting new features. The information is presented in a structured,  intuitive way in order to facilitate the navigation.

Enhanced user experience
Learners, coordinators and managers can easily find the necessary information. Communication is now one […]

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LRDG becomes a registered supplier for the Government of Canada

Procurement of LRDG’s ESL and FSL language training software just got much easier now that the company is listed as a qualified supplier on the supply arrangement list of the government of Canada. Since April 2013, government institutions have the possibility of ordering the Pour l’amour du français and the For the Love of English software programs directly through the PWGSC SLSA (Software Licensing Supply Arrangement) catalog, making the procurement process quick and hassle-free. Government departments also have the possibility of ordering recommended tutor hours, as part of the LRDG proprietary methodology combining language software and live tutor support.

Link to LRDG’s software:
Software category: 1000 Client Productivity Software / 1024 Training and E-Learning software
# SLSA: EN578-100808/151/EE

For more information on LRDG’s software and the SLSA procedures, please contact:

Jeremy […]

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    ELAS test created in partnership with the International Language School of Canada

ELAS test created in partnership with the International Language School of Canada

Our e-learning assessment engines and templates allow administrators and language coordinators to evaluate one or more candidates simultaneously and manage all the data collected through a single interface. This online is available online to users, managers, human resource coordinators and pedagogues. They can access the results and data from the evaluations remotely and respond accordingly.

This highly flexible solution not only allows administrators to have a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate but also to automate the design and creation of customized training plans to motivate users and learners to excel.  These tools also help facilitate and optimize the recruitment process, ongoing training and promotions based on pre-required skills and profiles.

Our assessment and evaluation platform meets the highest standards and requirements […]

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FSL and ESL training programs now available online

The FSL web-based program is the newest addition to LRDG’s learning solutions and will allow learners to study from any computer with Internet connection. The online program includes material taken from LRDG’s quality software-based program and enables learners to reach their targeted language proficiency level. It is important to note that this program is not a replacement of LRDG’s DVD curriculum; it is meant to be used as a strategic tool to help self-study students maximize their results by providing an adaptive fully monitored curriculum in conjunction with the full A, B and C levels offered with the DVD curriculum.

The benefit for learners is an Internet-based, personalized, and adapted learning that is unique to their style and knowledge. The added value for our clients […]

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