julius_our vision

Our innovative and flexible e-learning solutions will change the way people perceive the e-learning industry. Our focus is to become a global leader in e-learning by always striving to achieve great customer satisfaction, and provide products and solutions that exceed expectations. We believe in partnership and collaboration with our customers. We have the courage to change and adapt to an evolving reality through extensive research in e-learning trends. We are confident in the quality and benefits of our products and in the value that our people bring.
Julius Frohlich, President


How it all started

Language Research Development Group (LRDG) is a Montreal-based company widely recognized as the expert in online ESL and FSL language training solutions. Founded in 2002, the company has established itself in the Canadian market as the premier service provider of online language training solutions with the Canadian Federal Government. LRDG uses an innovative language methodology combining computer-based language training and targeted personalized tutor support, commonly referred to as blended learning. This learning method provides a highly cost-effective and successful alternative to traditional (classroom-based) language training.

Our company teams up language training experts with specialists in information technology applied to second language distance training. Soon after launching the language software products, we recognized the need to automate the process of student support and reporting and thereby enhance the overall learning process. This resulted in the development of the LRDG Portal, an automated student management system used by all parties involved: learners, managers, LRDG operational team and tutors. In 2012, an online version of our software program was launched. This online program is integrated into a Learning Management System (LMS) which allows tracking and reporting on learners efforts and progress. We are proud to continuously contribute to a bilingual Canada through our innovative language training solutions, especially with bilingualism being an integral element of the Canadian national identity.

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing the most innovative and comprehensive e-learning solutions that help customers achieve their learning goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. We strive to increase bilingualism in Canada and are proud to enrich people’s lives through the acquisition of French and English as a second language.

What we value

  • Commitment: we commit to delivering great products and services. We achieve long-term partnerships with customers through trust, collaboration and transparency.

  • Innovation: our continuous investment in Research & Development helps us deliver creative ideas that have the potential to change the e-learning world.

  • Employee empowerment: we encourage employees to take initiative and give their best. We foster a learn-from-your-mistakes environment that empowers employees to become leaders and make decisions.

  • Cultural diversity:  our work environment brings together people from all over the world; we believe that every person deserves a chance to realize their full potential and contribute to our growth.