FSL and ESL training programs now available online

The FSL web-based program is the newest addition to LRDG’s learning solutions and will allow learners to study from any computer with Internet connection. The online program includes material taken from LRDG’s quality software-based program and enables learners to reach their targeted language proficiency level. It is important to note that this program is not a replacement of LRDG’s DVD curriculum; it is meant to be used as a strategic tool to help self-study students maximize their results by providing an adaptive fully monitored curriculum in conjunction with the full A, B and C levels offered with the DVD curriculum.

The benefit for learners is an Internet-based, personalized, and adapted learning that is unique to their style and knowledge. The added value for our clients is the comprehensive reporting system that provides real-time tracking of student activity and progress. It will offer clients the strategic use of additional tutor time when required to achieve specific objectives thus making the overall cost of learning as low as possible.

The following important features are integrated in our online solution:

  • Internet-based Learning Management and Content System (LCMS) with advanced features
  • Learning strategies adapted to individual student need, style and knowledge
  • Integration with Mobile learning platforms and strategies
  • Fully automated real-time monitoring and tracking of all learners’ activities
  • Comprehensive progress reporting for each learner
  • Ability to effectively focus tutor support when needed
  • Comprehensive ongoing testing of acquired knowledge